2017 Positive Business Project honors for 4imprint, DISHER, imageOne, Menlo Innovations, and Swisse Wellness

June 5, 2017

Five organizations were named Examples of Excellence of the 2017 Positive Business Project presented by the Center for Positive Organizations at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business.

The Positive Business Project is an annual contest celebrating organizations that excel in their positive business practices. Organizations were invited to share success stories about how they create economic value, how they bring out the best in people’s performance and humanity, or how they address important societal and environmental issues, needs, and opportunities.

The finalists were chosen based on three criteria: 1) the extent to which the practice aligned with positive business; 2) the practice’s impact; and 3) the ability of the practice to be replicated in other companies. Submissions were judged by a five-person panel comprised of faculty from the Center for Positive Organizations, University of Michigan student fellows, and business leaders who have implemented positive business practices in their own organizations.

“The submissions to this year’s project were impressive, but the five Examples of Excellence were truly extraordinary,” said judging panel member David Drews, Founder and CEO of Justus Equity and an Executive in Residence at the Center for Positive Organizations. “Each of these organizations had a unique contribution to improving the lives of their employees and customers, and the overall health of their organizations. There’s a lot that others – including myself – can and should learn from these positive business practices.”

The five Examples of Excellence are 4imprint, DISHER, imageOne, Menlo Innovations, and Swisse Wellness.


4imprint is a Wisconsin-based international promotional products distributor whose Golden Rule (treat others as you would like to be treated) culture enables employees to make high-quality connections and thrive, even during periods of instability. Judges appreciated the replicability of 4imprint’s eight-pointed compass of core principles: honesty, positive attitude, collaboration, flexibility, accountability, empathy, humility, and curiosity.

Learn more about their submission.


DISHER is a product development, talent attraction, and business consulting firm with offices in Michigan and Indiana. DISHER’s Ripples of Influence practice brings employees together in celebration of one another and supports their mission of making a positive difference. Judges were impressed with the practice’s ability to permeate the way the business is run—both inside the organization and in client interactions.

Learn more about their submission.


imageOne is an Oak Park, Michigan-based managed print partner. imageOne’s Great Game of Business is an open book management technique through which all relevant financial information is shared with employees in order to make better work-related decisions. As described in their PBP submission, “Opening [our] books created transparency, ownership, and opportunity for learning.” Additionally, employees are required to annually take a financial literacy class that teaches not only imageOne’s financial management, but personal financial management.

Learn more about their submission.

Menlo Innovations

Menlo Innovations is a custom software design and development company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan with a mission to “end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology” by intentionally focusing their company culture on joy. Menlo was recognized for their unique hiring process that finds people who are a good fit for their collaborative culture. As one judge remarked, “Menlo Innovations has infused positive business practices into virtually every aspect of its operation. Their hiring practices are just one example of the intentional, rigorous, and collaborative environment they have worked hard to create and perfect.”

Learn more about their submission.

Swisse Wellness

Celebrate Life Every Day! is the founding philosophy of Victoria, Australia-based Swisse Wellness. Swisse is a global wellness company with products ranging from vitamins and supplements to sports nutrition, skin care, and functional foods. Swisse applies the science of Positive Organizational Scholarship and Positive Psychology in building a culture where their team can flourish, rather than just function. Their employee wellness program helps flourishing through its mindfulness, nutrition, movement, and psychological well-being programming.

Learn more about their submission.

16 additional organizations were named 2017 Positive Business Project Honorees: Brahma Kumaris, Catalyst Partners, Cisco, Clarteza, Davita, EDSI, EY, iwerk, Levvel, Marsh & McLennan Agency, Peckham, Phire Group, The Truth Initiative, WeSpire, Whil Concepts, Inc., and Wolverine Support Network. The unique and replicable positive practices of these organizations can be viewed in the online Positive Practices Handbook.

The Examples of Excellence were recognized main-stage during the 2017 Positive Business Conference, hosted by Michigan Ross in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The theme of this year’s conference – Positive Leadership: Practices & Inspiration – encouraged the spreading of knowledge to foster a community of leaders who want to make the world of work a better place. Watch the video here.

Submissions for the 2018 Positive Business Project will open in Fall/Winter of 2017. Visit positivebusinessproject.org for details or to sign up for email notifications.

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