Adam Grant and Laura Morgan Roberts focus on The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ in TED podcast episode

May 1, 2019

WorkLife with Adam Grant: A TED original podcast highlights the The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ in his April, 23 episode titled “When Strengths Become Weaknesses.”

Reflected Best Self Exercise, Created at U of M, Center for Positive Organizations

The episode interviews Laura Morgan Roberts about the best self tool that was created by Roberts and colleges, Jane Dutton, Bob Quinn, Gretchen Spreitzer at the Center for Positive Organizations.

Roberts describes how The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ (RBSE) helps professionals identify key strengths by using action orientations and compelling descriptions of his/her best self, instead of basic descriptions or character traits. “I am kind” vs “I show up when people need me.” She notes that when this is done individuals are better able to leverage his/her strengths.

Grant goes onto talk about how others can help you identify strengths that aren’t always visible to you. The series is one of Apple Podcasts’ most popular shows and topped the charts as the #1 show for two weeks in 2018.

The RBSE is a personal development tool that helps you see who you are at your best, engaging you to live and work from this powerful place daily. Created from research at the Center for Positive Organizations (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan), the RBSE has helped thousands of executives, managers, employees, and students discover new potential. Unlike most other feedback tools, the RBSE isn’t limited to self-assessment. It invites people from your life and work to share stories of moments they feel they’ve seen you at your best, surfacing what few of us become aware of otherwise. The RBSE enables you to gain insight into how your unique talents have positively impacted others and gives you the opportunity to further leverage your strengths at work and in life.  RBSE has been used by over 26,000 people including world leading universities and Fortune 500 companies.

The RBSE may be conducted as:

  • A team workshop with a Master Facilitator who visits your site and guides you through our uplifting RBSE workshop.
  • An individual to recharge your personal growth, by taking the RBSE on your own or register for executive coaching to clarify how to put your best into action
  • A retreat or corporate training program where RBSE data is collected as a partner experience with a certified in-house facilitator in your organization
  • An Educational tool to gain new insight into your talents and strengths. Students register for the RBSE, and educators and non-profits may take advantage of our concierge service

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