Cascade Engineering in Business Builder’s show with Marty Wolff

August 29, 2016

On The Business Builders Show, host Marty Wolff spoke with Cascade Engineering’s president and CEO, Mark Miller, and the executive vice president and chief administrative officer, Kenyatta Brame. The discussion entailed a number of topics that relate to Cascade Engineering’s status as one of the largest B-Corporations, their Anti-Racism Statement, and their commitment to following to the triple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit. More broadly, the discussion also covered Cascade‚Äôs status as an organization that is “forward thinking and progressive,” in the words of CEO Mark Miller. Cascade follows in the footsteps of its founder in adhering to sustainable principles and recognizing the role of business in communities.

Cascade is a member of the Positive Organizations Consortium at the Center for Positive Organizations, and was founded by Fred Keller in 1973. Keller has also joined the Center for Positive Organizations as an Executive in Residence, and will unify his successful business background with the ongoing research, teaching, and organizational partnerships of the Center.