Chris Murchison

Chris Murchison wrote about busyness for Whil blog

July 31, 2017

Chris Murchison blogged for Whil, “Suffering from busyness? Create more Yutori in your work,” about how chronic busyness creates stress and reduces productivity. People have a need for spaciousness and time to reflect, according to Murchison. “Our bodies and minds need rest to renew, refresh, reflect, and focus.” This need for “unexpected spaciousness” has a term, Yutori. Murchison also shared strategies for creating Yutori in life.

Murchison is a passionate advocate for positive workplace cultures. In his broad career spanning the higher education, for-profit and not-for-profit fields he has focused his energy on developing creative means to building community at work and practices that support an employee experience of deep respect, connection, joy, and generative learning.