CPO faculty associate Amy Young and Mary Hinsley on digital technology in Ross Thought in Action

July 13, 2016

Professors Amy Young and Mary Hinesly show how digital technology can help capture, build, and broaden the knowledge and goodwill of employees.

Companies in every sector use big data to work faster and smarter on new products, customer insights, and innovation. But there’s another resource companies can tap leveraging digital technology – the knowledge in their employees’ minds.

In this white paper, Michigan Ross Professors Amy Young and Mary Hinesly, along with Michael O’Brien of Star Performance Group, show how organizations can unlock and share the knowledge and goodwill of their employees. It has the potential to achieve greater results than other big data projects. Their ideas involve organizational as well as technical challenges. And, above all else, “these approaches are a little bit about the technology and all about the people,” they write.

Reprinted from Ross Thought in Action