Dave Mayer writes on hiring for good character

September 9, 2016

In an article written for Fast Company, Dave Mayer explained why some hiring practices miss candidates’ character flaws. Through this, he assesses standards of hiring, assesses how they might change, and does so by weaving in the research of a variety of scholars and experts, including Adam Grant, Taya Cohen, Nick Epley, and Ben Schneider. After describing new interview structures and changes in organizational culture that can be made, Mayer explains the influence of humility and guilt in inspiring ethical habits. “The guilt prone employee doesn’t need to be policed,” Mayer quotes from Taya Cohen. “She will act ethically because of her character.”

David M. Mayer is Associate Professor of Management & Organizations at the Ross School of Business, and a core faculty member of the Center for Positive Organizations. The focus of his research is on the role of ethics in organizations, and it also explores how aspects of the work environment add or detract from ethical decision-making.