Ethan Kross encourages self-talk and yes, you should talk to yourself

October 4, 2022

Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) Faculty Associate Ethan Kross discusses the benefits of your inner voice and how it is a multipurpose tool in “Yes, you should talk to yourself. Here’s how to tame your inner voice” for CNN

This article highlights the importance and positive impact of self-talk. By recognizing negative self-talk and learning how to tame it, people can find growth, focus, and understanding –  which can all help with mental health.

“Helpful inner monologue isn’t always positive in the sense that sometimes, in working through the bad stuff, we learn from our mistakes,” Kross shares. “That sometimes involves revisiting painful experiences, extracting some important insight that helps us move on and improve.”

Ethan Kross is a Professor of Psychology and Management & Organizations at the University of Michigan.