Givitas launches to help companies build “giving cultures,” increasing employee engagement and efficiency

March 23, 2018

Givitas is the knowledge collaboration platform based on the game-changing approach from co-founder Adam Grant’s bestseller Give and Take.

Give and Take, Inc. announced that Givitas, its knowledge collaboration platform, is coming out of beta and is available for widespread use in enterprises. Givitas is a technology platform that helps organizations apply and scale the concepts of giving and reciprocity shared in Adam Grant’s bestseller Give and Take.

Givitas, Give and Take’s proprietary technology platform, is a purpose-built, enterprise-ready, scalable knowledge collaboration platform with a laser focus on ease of use, efficiency, analytics and integrations. Give and Take raised $2.2 million in 2017 from investors including RPM Ventures, Grand Ventures, Invest Michigan, strategic angel investors, and Givitas CEO Larry Freed.

Givitas, Give and Take’s flagship technology product, is rooted in cutting-edge academic research from the University of Michigan showing that a giving culture leads to positive business outcomes like increased employee efficiency, productivity, retention, and engagement. Givitas is inspired and influenced by the award-winning work of the founding team:

  • Cheryl Baker: co-creator of the Reciprocity Ring; social capital and social science innovator
  • Dr. Wayne Baker: network science pioneer, University of Michigan Ross School of Business professor, author of Achieving Success Through Social Capital
  • Dr. Adam Grant: organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, New York Times bestselling author of Give and TakeOriginals, and Option B.

“Years ago, Wayne and Cheryl Baker introduced me to the ideas behind Givitas,” said Adam Grant, Give and Take co-founder. “I started running the exercise with students, and they said it had a transformative impact on the culture of generosity I was trying to build in the classroom. Then I tried it with executives, who called it life-changing. Since then, I’ve been asked thousands of times whether there’s a platform or app to facilitate it virtually. I’m thrilled that Givitas is here to solve that problem, and make it easier for people to give and receive help.”

“Culture, collaboration, and employee engagement are very important to us,” said John Williams, Chief Technical Officer at Workforce Software. “Givitas supports and facilitates a culture where employees can easily help each other, expanding networks and improving efficiency.”

“The teachings of Wayne Baker and Adam Grant have greatly influenced how I think about the concepts of reciprocity, generosity, and networking in my workplace, with my team, and in my personal life,” said Gail Campanella, Managing Director at the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation. “Givitas is the logical conclusion of the amazing scholarship that’s been done in this field. It’s leveraging technology to help both employees and employers reap the benefits of a giving culture.”

“Extensive research in academic and business settings shows that when team members truly feel like they are part of a generous, giving culture that supports them and allows them to support other people, they are more engaged, efficient, and effective,” said Larry Freed, President and CEO of Give and Take, Inc. “Givitas is specifically designed for people to request and offer help in less than five minutes a day and integrates with other collaboration platforms like Slack and Yammer.”

Givitas is being used in business, academic, and nonprofit settings around the country. For more information, please visit

About Give and Take

Give and Take delivers the concepts of generalized reciprocity and social capital made famous in Wharton professor Adam Grant’s bestselling Give and Take to enterprises in an accessible, scalable, measurable technology platform called Givitas. By fostering a giving culture, companies of all sizes drive positive business outcomes like increased employee efficiency, productivity, retention, and engagement. Give and Take is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan and online at