Jason Wilburn interviewed on “Making Positive Psychology Work” podcast

October 24, 2016

On her podcast “Making Positive Psychology Work,” Michelle McQuaid interviewed Jason Wilburn, a member of the Positive Organizations Consortium from Conco Services Corporation.

During the interview, they discussed Wilburn’s initiative to make 2016 the year of high-quality connections. The goal of the initiative is to use the research on high-quality connections pioneered by Jane Dutton to challenge employees to heighten their attentiveness in conversations and relationships. He described these techniques as “positive rules of engagement,” which include putting away phones in meetings, listening to understand rather than respond, and other techniques.

Jason Wilburn is the vice president and general manager of industrial services at Conco, which is the world’s leading provider of condenser and heat exchanger services to the power generation industry with offices located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. Conco was a 2016 Positive Business Project finalist, recognized for it’s “Year of High-Quality Connections” initiative.