Jessica Amortegui pens Forbes blog about productivity

August 8, 2016

Jessica Amortegui, the senior director of learning and development at Logitech, and member of the Positive Organizations Consortium, wrote the Forbes blog, “The Surprising Reason You Should Stop Trying To Be So Productive.”

The article synthesizes research on management and workplace behavior. Capturing and building on research by Stanford researcher Susan Dweck, Amortegui writes, “Talent is not a static commodity but a dynamic process,” and concludes the article by identifying the key to productivity as building a workplace culture that focuses on growing the process of talent, rather than storing it as a commodity.

Logitech was named the Grand Prize Winner of the 2016 Positive Business Project for its work in creating a community where its employees were “invigorated by their work, more attuned to their passions, and awakened to the potential impact each person could create.”