Julia Lee receives Academy of Management 2016 symposium award

April 21, 2016

Julia Lee has been awarded the Best Symposium Award by the Organizational Behavior division of the Academy of Management. The award “recognizes the symposium that best exemplifies interesting, important, and high-impact research.”

The symposium, which Lee co-organized with Ting Zhang from Columbia University, is titled “Behavioral Ethics at Work: A Move Towards Developing Interventions that Mitigate Unethical Behavior.” It will take place during the August 2016 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California.

The session will include paper presentations from David M. Mayer and Ashley Hardin (“What’s in your office? How photos of close others can reduce unethical behavior at work”) and Lee (“The power of ethics mindset: How aligning ethics with performance influences behavior”).

Lee is a postdoctoral student at the Center for Positive Organizations studying the motivation of employees to reach their full potential, largely by promoting productive, healthy, and honest behavior in organizations.