Laura Morgan Roberts contributes to Harvard Business Review article about The Reflected Best Self Exercise™ in our everyday lives

May 15, 2019

A recent Harvard Business Review article by Laura Morgan Roberts, Emily D. Heaphy, and Brianna Barker Caza highlights five practices for noticing everyday organic opportunities to continue developing your best self at home and and work. The authors note that going through the full The Reflected Best Self Exercise (RBSE) provides a concentrated dose of positive feedback, but this article focuses on how we can use the tool every day as well.

The RBSE is a personal development tool that helps you see who you are at your best, engaging you to live and work from this powerful place daily. Created from research at the Center for Positive Organizations (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan), the RBSE has helped thousands of executives, managers, employees, and students discover new potential. Unlike most other feedback tools, the RBSE isn’t limited to self-assessment. It invites people from your life and work to share stories of moments they feel they’ve seen you at your best, surfacing what few of us become aware of otherwise. The RBSE enables you to gain insight into how your unique talents have positively impacted others and gives you the opportunity to further leverage your strengths at work and in life.  RBSE has been used by over 26,000 people including world leading universities and Fortune 500 companies.

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