New book details the far-reaching effects of leaders’ positive energy

September 22, 2021

A recent book by Ross School of Business Professor Emeritus Kim Cameron summarizes his many years of research into the power of positive energy, particularly in the business world.

Positively Energizing Leadership: Virtuous Actions and Relationships that Create High Performance examines how individuals are attracted to and flourish in the presence of positive energy. Grounded in data and real-life experiences, the book explores how leaders’ virtuous behaviors can generate extraordinary performance in their organization as well as improve the lives of those who work there.

“Empirical evidence confirms that exposing people to positive energy, helping employees flourish personally, and fostering a sense of value and meaningfulness at work almost always pay off in higher levels of productivity and effectiveness,” Cameron noted in a recent interview with Forbes.

Organizations that apply the lessons from the book can experience greater innovation, higher profits, increased employee engagement and retention, and improved customer loyalty. Specific points addressed in the book include:

  • What is meant by positive energy and why all humans have an inherent inclination toward it
  • The importance of positively energizing leadership in organizations and individuals
  • The key attributes of positive energizers
  • Practical behaviors and practices that foster positive energy and outcomes
  • How organizations have capitalized on positive energy and what they did to achieve outstanding performance
  • Methods for measuring positive energy in leaders
  • Practices that foster positive energy and create meaningful and lasting transformation

This article was originally published by Michigan Ross