POS in Action: The Center’s new office

October 21, 2013

What do you envision as the ideal office work environment?  What are important elements?  

When the Center for Positive Organizations moved into new office space last month, we were excited to implement some of the concepts that research in POS topics had shown to create great workplaces.   We chose to forego having individual offices, and instead are using the six rooms (plus one mini-room!) in our new suite for a variety of purposes. We all work on laptops, which  allows us to move around our space as needed.  Two co-working rooms comprise the hub of our space – staff members and students work together as needed (see photo for one of our co-working rooms), and work on individual projects in companionable silence.  Crave quiet for concentration?  We have a room dedicated to quiet work, great for writing and reading.  We also have a library with a growing collection of books by authors from the Center, and by other authors we admire, which can also be used for small meetings or quiet work.  Our largest room is a great space for meetings and student events, and we also have a small break room. Our mini-room may be small, but it has big windows, and is a great space for quiet work or for a two- or three-person meeting.   We painted the rooms, all of which have windows, colors drawn from the palette that goes with our new branding.  As we settle into our space and live this POS-in-Action experiment, we will continue to provide updates here in The POSitive Perspective.