Roger Newton featured in Life Science Leader

June 8, 2017

Roger Newton was featured in Life Science Leader, “Awakening the Biotech Entrepreneurial Spirit.”

The article explained Newton’s first encounter with Positive Organizational Scholarship and the influence of Robert E. Quinn, both his writing and the relationship the two developed. Newton applied Quinn’s teachings, reinvented his professional life, and founded Esperion Therapeutics as a positive organization. Highlighted in the article is the success of Esperion, its sale to Pfizer, and Newton’s subsequent repurchase of the company name and two patents in order to work with former employees. Despite the sale, repurchase, and economic crash of 2008, Esperion thrived under Newton’s leadership,

Newton is founder and Scientific Advisor of Esperion and Executive in Residence at the Center for Positive Organizations where he gives back as a role model for new entrepreneurs, speaker, and supportive resource for students and faculty.