Should your company continue working from home permanently?

August 24, 2020

Companies with employees working from home during the pandemic would be wise to consider making the arrangement permanent, according to Michigan Ross Professors Maxim Sytch and Lindy Greer.

In a new article for Harvard Business Review, Sytch and Greer note several ways companies can benefit from remote work arrangements — including a larger labor pool, improved ability to attract and retain top talent, and time savings. The authors also discuss several concrete steps companies should take to improve the success of their remote-work efforts.

“The days of having an entire team show up in the same office at the same time will soon be — and perhaps already are — in our past. How quickly and effectively your organization embraces the new world of work will be critical to your success during the pandemic and beyond,” the authors write.

Maxim Sytch is an associate professor of management and organizations; Lindy Greer is an associate professor of management and organizations, faculty director of the Sanger Leadership Center, and a Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

This original article was published as a Ross Thought in Action article.