Stuck in commuter hell? Julia Lee’s research could help reframe that time

March 26, 2019

Julia Lee’s co-authored research on commutes was featured in the Harvard Business School Working Knowledge article, “Stuck in Commuter Hell? You Can Still Be Productive.”

The article explores the link between commutes and job satisfaction and, ultimately, employee turnover. The content is based on a working paper written by Lee, Jon Jachimowicz, Bradley Staats, Jochen Menges, and Francesca Gino titled, “Between Home and Work: Commuting as an Opportunity for Role Transitions.”

Lee, a core faculty member of the Center, is assistant professor of Management and Organizations at Michigan Ross. She teaches BBA, MBA, and executive education courses on negotiation, leadership, and organizational behavior. Her current work relates to how the activation of best-self concepts, by highlighting one’s contributions, can lead to positive outcomes.