Wayne Baker talks to Michelle McQuaid about a culture of giving

July 21, 2016

Wayne Baker discusses a culture of giving as a source for maximizing potential in the Making Positive Psychology Work podcast with Australia-based well-being expert, Michelle McQuaid. He opens with the reciprocity ring, a tool he and his wife developed, which provides a space for people to make requests and provide support. Although he noted that “most people are willing to be generous, most people are willing to help,” he adds that one of the biggest barriers is getting people to ask for what they need. When people do reach out, their communities and networks tend to respond. The conversation covered other struggles in creating a giving culture, and the business benefits of the reciprocity ring.

Wayne Baker was the first director of the Center for Positive Organizations, and is a Robert P. Thome Professor of Business and professor of management and organizations, as well as a professor of Sociology.