What if you’re planning to quit, but you get laid off instead?

June 22, 2020

Leaving a job during a pandemic is difficult enough, but imagine being laid off just as you were planning to quit. That’s the situation faced by an executive looking for guidance from the Dear HBR: podcast, and guest negotiations expert and Michigan Ross Professor Shirli Kopelman.

In a new episode of the podcast, Kopelman and the podcast’s regular co-hosts, Alison Beard and Dan McGinn, discuss various aspects of the executive’s situation, including when, how, and whether to tell the company her plans. “A smooth transition is something that I think people will be wishing for and not necessarily experiencing at the moment,” Kopelman notes. On the flip side, given the flux of these unprecedented times, conventional assumptions that one may have worried about can be tabled for the moment, opening the door to creative ideas and opportunities.

Produced by Harvard Business Review, the Dear HBR: podcast answers listeners’ workplace dilemmas with the help of guest experts. Kopelman has appeared on the podcast previously to offer her advice for navigating another tricky workplace scenario.

This original article was published as a Ross Thought in Action article.