Magnify Immersion Program
Magnify Immersion Program

An Update about Magnify 2022

Thanks for your interest in the Magnify Program and our work here at the Center for Positive Organizations (CPO).

As we are sure you’ve noticed, lots is changing in the world around us right now – and Magnify is no exception. As we find ways to scale up the program and expand our capacity for learning together with a wide variety of action learning partner organizations, we have hit the pause button on Magnify 2022. We are working together here at CPO and with our partner organizations to create a bigger, better Magnify that will be more flexible than ever. We will launch again in spring term 2023.

Stay tuned as we launch ways to sign up to be first to know when the 2023 application opens and ways to continue learning about the science of thriving in the meantime.

What is the Magnify Immersion Program?

A spring semester academic course (MO 355) that brings Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) to U-M’s best and brightest students in order to learn, identify, and employ the principles and practices that empowers people to:

  • Create positive work environments
  • Improve their workplace culture
  • Discover untapped possibilities
What is Positive Organizational Scholarship?

Our field of study, Positive Organizational Scholarship, was founded at the University of Michigan and is a subfield of Management and Organizations. The field is committed to revealing and nurturing the highest level of human potential. Organizations are using POS to empower people to create positive work environments, improve workplace culture, and discover what is truly possible with their employees.

How are we adapting Magnify for spring 2021 in response to COVID-19?

We are teaching Magnify online for spring 2021. We brought Magnify online for the first time ever in spring 2020 and learned so much about creating an interactive online community.

The essence of POS is to discover and unlock untapped potential in organizations, helping us discover new ways of doing and being together even in tough situations. There’s never been a better time to discover how to think and act in ways that will draw out your own resilience and help you build tools to create thriving teams and communities in an online forum.

How are we bringing the online classroom to life? 

We design each class session to be as interactive as possible. We’ve carefully chosen tools that help us build community, engage with the research, and put POS ideas into practice. There are opportunities every week to deepen relationships with cohort members and the Magnify Teaching Team, ranging from our cohort group message thread to themed outfit days. The Magnify Teaching Team is always learning about new classroom tools, and here are a few of our favorites from last year: 

  • Padlet: A cross between a mini-website and a bulletin board that we used as our evolving virtual classroom. For example, students could find all the links and slides they’d need for each class on a Padlet board. And, Padlet allowed us to gather community-curated resources about anti-racism all in one shared space.
  • Flipgrid: A classroom version of TikTok to help us share short videos to get to know each other (and our cooking adventures!) and to complete some class assignments.
  • Mentimeter: Lets us survey the class and create a word cloud in real time.
  • Google Jamboard: A way for us to collaborate and brainstorm with sticky notes just like we would on the walls of a physical classroom.
Listen to what former students have to say about Magnify
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The class and students

The Magnify program welcomes 40-50 U-M undergrads, commonly studying business or organizational studies with an interest in POS-related practices and research. The course is composed of three components:

  1. Class work
  2. Action-learning
  3. Integrated reflection

To explore the classwork, please review the 2020 Magnify course syllabus.

Top five reasons you should apply:
  1. Immersive learning like never before: Our alums say that the Magnify learning experience – with our vibrant classroom and field trips to inspirational positive organizations – was unlike any other class they’ve had at U-M! Our curriculum stands out too as students learn and apply the latest POS research, principles, and practices with devoted and passionate instructors and coaches.
  2. Bringing research to real organizations: Student teams spend a week embedded at a partner organization. The teams are hosted by high-level change agents and use evidence-based tools and field research methods to interpret the organization’s positive capabilities such as resilience, gratitude, and compassion. Sample partner organizations include Cascade Engineering, Pet Supplies Plus, Michigan Medicine, and imageOne.
  3. A resume-worthy experience: Students gain a set of skills to articulate and apply POS research, and leave with concrete examples of unlocking organizational potential. Students discover their own positive identity and explore potential trajectories for career growth as change agents.
  4. Earn 6 credits in 7 weeks: Students enroll in MO 355 which meets daily throughout the spring term including one week off-site at a partner organization.
  5. Join a community of change agents: Every year we see friendships grow inside and outside of the classroom. The program design emphasizes an interpersonal environment where people feel welcomed, valued, safe to learn, and engaged in active growth. We are dedicated to cultivating a diverse community of students who will learn how to recognize and apply their own strengths and the strengths of others.
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