Andrew Hoffman pens blog on theories of change in Huffington Post

December 5, 2016

Andrew Hoffman took a closer look at the nature of change and how it can be achieved, in a recent Huffington Post blog titled “What is Your Theory of Change?

Hoffman draws from concepts in his book, Finding Purpose: Environmental Stewardship as a Personal Calling, and identifies three ingredients for change: a statement of reality, a desired future, and a path that connects the two. To make that path accessible, Hoffman cites the key characteristics of leadership and hopefulness:

“I would hope that in seeing clearly the present reality, you will not stop at lamenting our current problems. Instead, I challenge you to look beyond those problems to a future that is optimistic and attractive, one that includes a life of meaning, security, prosperity, and happiness for ourselves, our children, all of humankind, and all of nature.”

Andrew Hoffman is a faculty associate at the Center for Positive Organizations, Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise, and Education Director at the Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan. He will lead the December 6 Positive Links talk, Finding purpose: environmental stewardship as a personal calling.