Bruce N. Pfau interviewed on R​adio ​F​ree ​L​eader ​about​ purpose across generations

May 20, 2016

Bruce Pfau was interviewed by the award winning podcaster, author, and founder of Radio Free Leader, David Burkus. The episode is a conversation in response to Pfau’s recent Harvard Business Review article, “What Do Millennials Really Want At Work?

Pfau begins by explaining his role as vice chair of human resources and communications at KPMG. “My passion is building great places to work where people want to join, they want to stay, and give their best effort,” he explains.

He then goes on to discuss the topic of Millennials in the workplaces, considering stereotypes of the younger generation, what causes these gaps, and which ones are true. “I think that very few of the stereotypes hold up to factual scrutiny,” he claims. “There are clearly difference between younger workers and older employees, but these have been differences that have been true throughout centuries.”

Using KPMG’s 10,000 stories challenge as an example, Pfau explains how they found almost no difference in what employees want based on their generation. “Everybody wants meaning and purpose in their work,” he explains.

KMPG is an active member of the Positive Organizations Consortium.