Courtney McCluney

Courtney McCluney discusses how people of color experience remote work with Fast Company

May 18, 2021

Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) faculty affiliate Courtney McCluney discusses how remote work has impacted people of color in a pair of video interviews with Fast Company.

The challenges and benefits of remote work for employees of color” and “Should I have my Zoom Camera on at work?” explore ideas about professionalism through the lens of gender and race, as well as the pros and cons of workplace anonymity.

“I don’t think remote work is going away any time soon,” McCluney tells Hit the Ground Running hosts Christina Royster and Yasmin Gagne. “So, I do hope that, through conversations like this, through more research, we can develop more inclusive remote work options and ones where people actually enjoy Zooming into work.”

McCluney is an Assistant Professor at the Cornell University ILR School.