David Mayer writes for @FastCompany about happiness and others

April 7, 2017

Pick up a self-help or career-building book and it’ll mostly focus on you — your confidence, skills, and flexibility. But Michigan Ross Professor David Mayer, core faculty at the Center for Positive Organizations, says success and happiness also depend on how you view other people. Writing in Fast Company, “Want To Be Happier and More Successful? Learn to Like Other People,” Mayer shows why a self-help approach that focuses on others can be a winning strategy.

“Sure, self-help books are a great way to better your work life,” he writes. “But their typical focus on you may have the unintended result of limiting your ability to wring more value out of the social world around you, which is teeming with people, while you’re just one of them.”

This article was originally published in Ross Thought in Action.