Forbes spotlights CPO affiliates’ book about impact of race on work, leadership

March 3, 2020

The Forbes article “Building A Better Workplace For Black Employees” features findings from the book Race, Work, and Leadership: New Perspectives on the Black Experience.

The book—co-edited by Center for Positive Organizations (CPO) faculty affiliate Laura Morgan Roberts, with contributions by CPO faculty affiliate Courtney McCluney—explores the experiences of black business executives.

“The picture that emerges from the essays in Race, Work, and Leadership echo the same message: Race not only still matters in the American workplace, but it remains a powerful barrier that prevents African Americans from ascending to leadership roles,” Forbes says.

However, Forbes cites recommendations from the book that can help companies build diverse workplaces: Encourage employees to talk about race and help white colleagues participate, tackle systemic inequality, confront racial bias in hiring, support employees so they can be themselves and avoid racial bias when considering someone’s advancement potential.