imageOne’s Rob Dube in Forbes: “Why Paying Employees To Volunteer Is Good For Business”

December 18, 2017

In his latest blog for Forbes, Rob Dube relates how community service became an integral component of his company, growing from the shared yet informal support of a particular cause into an organization-wide initiative (complete with a budget). “Today, Community Days are part of our benefits package for all team members,” Dube writes. “Everyone is given one paid day off per year to give back to the community in any way they’d like.”

The result of investing in culture? “[P]rofits have been on the rise, with 2017 being our best year in company history. We enjoyed a three-year streak of zero employee turnover across 57 employees. Most importantly, we defined the imageOne Cycle of Care. It’s the idea that by genuinely caring about our team, the success of our clients and the fabric of our community, it creates an authentic cycle of care all around — and sends it out to the universe!” 

Dube is president and co-founder of imageOne, a member of the Center’s Positive Organizations Consortium and an Example of Excellence in the 2017 Positive Business Project.