Our mission as an organization is to end human suffering in the world as it relates to technology™.

Their story

“Menlo ran the experiment of offering a third option that didn’t force new parents to choose between career and family: bring your baby to work. The intention behind this positive practice is to allow parents the flexibility of being able to return to the workforce without having to miss the important milestones in their infant’s life, provide babies with a stimulating and loving atmosphere in which to grow and develop, and foster a joyful work environment….Baby sounds simply add to the energy in the space.”

Their advice

“A lot of the things we’ve done over the years looked crazy to us when we first thought of it. It’s so easy in that moment to say ‘Yeah, I don’t think that will work.’ We often catch ourselves listing all the potential negatives. Instead of letting the fear of the potential pitfalls get in the way, our attitude was, ‘Let’s run the experiment and see what happens’.”