CPO team of researchers on co-working in Fast Company

July 19, 2016

A recent Fast Company article “The Scientific Reason Why Coworking May Be The Future Of Work” showcased a team of Michigan Ross Center for Positive Organizations researchers including CPO faculty director Gretchen Spreitzer, doctoral student fellow Lyndon Garrett, and Peter Bacevice, an active member of our community of scholars.

The article describes the growing popularity of co-working, using Menlo Innovations as an example of this positive business practice in action. The team of researchers have found that co-working is “[m]ore than just another trendy curiosity of the tech industry, this approach seems to have a strong basis in the psychology of performance.” The research shows two key benefits from coworking that increase performance and employee engagement: flexibility and autonomy.

Menlo Innovations is a member of our growing Positive Organizations Consortium. They were also a participant in the Positive Business Project and their story is captured in the Positive Practices Handbook, a repository of positive leadership stories, practices, and tactics that have been crafted and put into practice by organizations.