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Why men often unintentionally undermine women they’re trying to support

July 28, 2017

Professor David Mayer, writing in Harvard Business Review, shows why benevolent sexism can harm women at work despite good intentions. Sometimes the best intentions have the opposite effect. Michigan Ross Professor David Mayer says that happens sometimes when men advocate for women at work. Writing in Harvard Business Review, he says benevolent sexism can undermine female co-workers despite good […]


CEOs who seek feedback get a big payback: a boost to the bottom line

July 27, 2017

New research by Professor Sue Ashford shows a humble approach by the CEO can improve company performance. For chief executive officers who want to boost their company’s bottom line, it pays to be humble. In fact, something as simple as seeking feedback from those who work closely with the CEO has important payoffs. New research […]


Cascade Engineering was featured on Huffington Post

July 21, 2017

CPO Consortium member Cascade Engineering’s Welfare to Career program was featured in the Huffington Post’s article, “A manufacturing company in Michigan demonstrates the power of compassion on business success.” The article and video show how Cascade values and supports employees. According to Executive in Residence Fred Keller, “if people are thriving, the business will thrive.”


Join the new High Quality Connections Community of Practice on Facebook

July 20, 2017

Mary Ceccanese and Jane Dutton (along with Marcia Ryan) warmly invite the Center for Positive Organizations community to join the new High Quality Connections Community of Practice (HQCCoP). The HQCCoP is a group for like-minded people who are passionate about learning about high quality connections (HQCs) and ways to apply this theory into the work we […]


Why positive organizations matter

July 11, 2017

By: Chris White

Creating workplaces conducive to human flourishing is one of the most important challenges facing the world today. Rising to this challenge will not be easy. One can paint a gloomy picture of the human experience in organizations today. Just 30% of the American workforce is actively engaged in their work. 99% have experienced or witnessed […]


Wayne Baker’s research on reciprocity applied at INSEAD

July 10, 2017

Wayne Baker’s research on the facilitation of generalized reciprocity was discussed in the INSEAD article, “Creating a culture of reciprocity.” The article described how Baker’s research can be applied in organizations and presented the experience of people in an MBA reciprocity ring at INSEAD. A reciprocity ring is when individuals gather in a deliberate manner […]


Monica Worline interviewed on Work and Life podcast

July 6, 2017

In this podcast, Monica Worline talked with Stew Friedman with Work and Life about compassion in the workplace. She outlined four steps for awakening compassion at work and the role of leaders in creating an empathetic organizational culture. Worline is a CPO faculty associate and founder and CEO of EnlivenWork, an organization that teaches businesses […]


Want to spark innovation? It’ll only happen if you have a culture of openness

July 3, 2017

Why is it some companies seem to have employees who share great ideas and others don’t? Michigan Ross Professor Stewart Thornhill says it’s less about people having or not having ideas, and more about the company’s culture. In this Manager Tools podcast, Thornhill says it takes a culture of openness to really foster employee innovation. “It’s not about people […]


Ross Professor Shares 11 Ways To Boost Your Energy And Get More Done

June 30, 2017

As many individuals struggle to maintain work-life balance, organizations and academics have become increasingly aware of the emotional, physical, and mental impact a lack of vigor can have on workers. The question arises: How do we manage our personal energy to ensure full productivity in the workplace, at home, and beyond? Professor Gretchen Spreitzer provided […]