Building a Co-Creative Performance Management System

By: Venkat Ramaswamy, Francis J. Gouillart

Ramaswamy, Venkat and Francis Gouillart. 2011. "Building a Co-Creative Performance Management System", Balanced Scorecard Report, 13 (2), March-April.


Co-creation has captured great attention (and unleashed spectacular results) in many companies, governments, and other organizations around the world. Authors Ramaswamy and Gouillart explore the many dimensions of co-creation in their new book, The Power of Co-Creation: Build It With Them to Boost Growth, Productivity, and Profits (Free Press, 2010). Here, they advocate for a new generation of performance management systems based on the co-creation process. The co-creative performance management system uses the traditional structure of the Balanced Scorecard, but the process it uses to engage the various stakeholders is quite different and leads to dramatic results for many companies. So what is different about a co-creative performance management process?