Care and compassion through an organizational lens: Opening up new possibilities

By: Sara L. Rynes, Jean M. Bartunek, Jane Dutton, Joshua D. Margolis

Rynes, S., Bartunek, J., Dutton. J. & Margolis, J. (2012) Care and compassion through an organizational lens: opening up new possibilities. Academy of Management Review, 37(4), 403-423.


In this article we introduce AMR’s Special Topic Forum on Understanding and Creating Caring and Compassionate Organizations. We outline why the time is right for such a forum, uncover scholarly and philosophical roots of a focus on compassion and care, and provide a brief introduction to the diverse and rich set of articles contained in this forum. We describe the innovative theorizing uncovered by the special issue articles and summarize the rich set of possibilities they suggest for the practice of organizing.