Positive leadership in action: Applications of POS

By: Kim S. Cameron, Emily Plews

Cameron, K.S., & Plews, E. (2012). Positive leadership in action: Applications of POS by Jim Mallozzi. Organizational Dynamics, 41, 99-105


In this interview with Jim Mallozzi, CEO of Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Company, Mallozzi describes the variety of ways in which he has implemented principles and practices emerging from positive organizational scholarship. He was exposed to POS in the mid-2000s as a senior officer in Prudential Retirement, and after becoming chief executive officer (CEO) of Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Company in 2009, he actively engaged POS to address the challenges and difficulties faced by his firm.

Among the POS practices Mallozzi implemented were utilizing positive energy networks to create a ‘‘change team,’’ developing a reciprocity network among company employees, articulating Everest goals, fostering positive leadership in the senior team, celebrating strengths, successes, and achievements, reflected best-self feedback, and demonstrating caring and compassion with customers and potential customers. As a consequence of these initiatives, he achieved the successful merger of two culturally different organizations, dramatic improvements in financial performance, improved customer satisfaction scores, and markedly enhanced employee engagement. This interview provides provocative examples of how a leader can make a major impact in his organization’s performance by creatively applying positive organizational scholarship.