Respect as an engine for new ideas: Linking respectful engagement, relational information processing and creativity among employees and teams

By: Abraham Carmeli, Jane Dutton, Ashley Hardin

Carmeli, Abraham, Jane E. Dutton and Ashley E. Hardin. Respect as an Engine for New Ideas: Linking Respectful Engagement, Relational Information Processing and Creativity Among Employees and Teams, Human Relations, Jan 2015.


In four studies we examine whether and why respectfully engaging with other organizational members can augment creativity for individuals and teams. We develop and test a model in which respectful engagement among organizational members facilitates relational information processing, which in turn results in enhanced creative behaviors. We found a similar pattern across all four studies – respectful engagement is indirectly related, through relational information processing, to creative behavior at both the individual and team levels. These findings underscore the importance of respectful engagement in facilitating relational information processing and fostering creative behaviors at both the individual and team levels.