Strategy, Law, and Ethics for Business Decisions

May 28, 2020

By: George J. Siedel, Christine Ladwig

Based on a model used in the Harvard Business School course on leadership, the three key elements of decision making (the Three Pillars) are strategy, law, and ethics. This book shows students how to use the Three Pillars to make successful business decisions that manage risk (the Law Pillar) and create value (the Strategy Pillar) in a responsible manner (the Ethics Pillar).

Through the Three Pillar framework, students will understand why law is a positive, value-creating force that enables them to succeed in business. The book applies this practical framework to six areas of the law that, according to surveys, are most important to business leaders: employment law, product liability, government regulation, intellectual property, contracts and dispute resolution. The book includes many end-of-chapter scenarios that enable students to practice their decision-making skills using the Three Pillars model.

Published by West Academic Publishing in March 2020, student and faculty copies can also be purchased here.