The Positive Organization: Breaking Free from Conventional Cultures, Constraints, and Beliefs

August 24, 2015

By: Robert E. Quinn

The Positive Organization

According to a Gallup study, 75% of people across the world are disengaged in their work.  Everyday people go to their jobs believing that their culture and company can not, and will not change.  They feel disempowered and overextended.

Creating a positive organization, where your people are engaged and exceeding expectations is not just a nice idea, it has the power to improve your bottom line by engaging your people.

This book uses anecdotal evidence and research to illustrate how you can break free from constraints and see a world of positive options that will help you and your people to flourish and exceed expectations.

The Positive Organization Generator

The book also contains a tool called the Positive Organization Generator.  After years of working with groups, Bob discovered that no matter how excited people were about his presentation, they had no idea how to practically apply the vision they had gained.  This tool gives you real life practices from positive organizations, and then helps you to re-invent them to fit your specific needs.  You walk away with specific actions to change your company and yourself.