July 1, 2022

2022 POS Research Conference

Using POS to Understand the State of the World

Allison Gabriel, University of Arizona
Angelica Leigh, Duke University
Sally Maitlis, University of Oxford

Courtney McCluney, Cornell University

About the Session:
We have experienced a prolonged state of collective loss, suffering, grief, and burnout over the past few years as a result of violence, political divisions, discrimination, climate crises, and the global pandemic. It is times like these where we find hope in our work—which is grounded in a commitment to reveal and nurture the highest levels of human potential through promoting resilience, compassion and thriving—as a significant and relevant perspective for addressing societal issues. During this session, we invite several scholars to share how and where we can use a POS lens as we encounter mega-identity threats and transition to a new way of working. We will also honor POS scholars we have lost and hold space for us to sit with our own and each other’s grief.

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June 24, 2022