April 13, 2015

Positive Links Speaker Series

“Create Opportunity from Crisis”

Lynn Perry Wooten and Erika Hayes James 

April 13, 2015

Tweetable Takeaways

1. Learn, reflect and adapt in preparation for crises, during crises, and after crises: http://bit.ly/1du1hug [Click to tweet!]

2. Engage in quick and ethical decision-making that is guided by a moral compass: http://bit.ly/1du1hug [Click to tweet!]

3. During a crisis, scan and seek possibilities by creating situations that alleviate fear and inspire hope: http://bit.ly/1du1hug [Click to tweet!]

4. Engender trust and behave authentically to earn the respect of stakeholders: http://bit.ly/1du1hug [Click to tweet!]

5. Embrace crises as an opportunity for organizational change and revitalization: http://bit.ly/1du1hug [Click to tweet!]