September 12, 2023


Positive Links Speaker Series

For the Culture

Marcus Collins
Clinical Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan
Author of For the Culture

September 12, 2023

About the talk

There is no force more influential on human behavior than culture. What we wear, what we watch, who we marry, how we vote, what we support, what we do, and just about every aspect of daily living is informed by—and in many ways governed by—our cultural subscription. However, our understanding of culture lacks the depth necessary to fully harness its power and integrate it into our business and leadership practices, which inhibits today’s leaders from fully leveraging its sway to get people to take action. Those who understand the dynamics of culture are more likely to have influence, while those who do not are almost always influenced by those who do. Therefore, the aim of this talk is to unpack what gets us to a level of cultural understanding that can be used to drive behavioral adoption—i.e., get people to buy, get companies to innovate, get teams to become more customer-centric, get employees to adhere to a new policy, and the like—and, subsequently, drive business success for positive leaders.


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