February 7, 2024

Positive Links Speaker Series

Jerks Die Alone: How to Create New Worlds Now

Robert E. Quinn
Co-Founder and Faculty Advisory Board, Center for Positive Organizations; Margaret Elliott Tracy Collegiate Emeritus Professor in Business Administration; Emeritus Professor of Management and Organizations, University of Michigan

February 7, 2024

About the talk

Fear is an emotion. So is loneliness. The dread of social isolation is ever with us. It can influence imagination and logic, producing strategies that result in increased loneliness and spiraling patterns of social decay. In organizations, people at every level live in fear. Apprehensive authority figures use rational persuasion to call distrusting employees to optimal performance. The result is increased anxiety, inauthenticity, silos of self-interest, and spiraling patterns of corporate decay. In 2019 Anjan Thakor and I published a book called The Economics of Higher Purpose. Since that time, we have participated in many conversations with people trying to create organizations of optimal performance. In this presentation, I will draw from science, and from the most sacred moments in these conversations regarding higher purpose. I will share a set of micro-messages designed to infuse you with increased positivity, increased consciousness, and increased courage. My hope is to improve how you live and how you die.


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