September 16, 2022

Positive Links Speaker Series

What Inclusive Leaders Do Differently

Quinetta Roberson
John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Management and Psychology
Michigan State University

September 14, 2022

About the talk

As workplaces have become increasingly disconnected, individuals have a stronger need for a sense of connection and community. They want to work in environments in which they can be their authentic selves and are valued for their contributions. Leaders are expected to build these types of environments, but to do so in a moment when their plates are already full.

This talk will explore the how of inclusive leadership. Based on her body of research and advisory work with organizations, Quinetta will offer strategies for developing an inclusive mindset and practicing leadership behaviors for creating more inclusive work environments. By incorporating inclusive leadership into daily activities and interactions, we can foster workplaces in which everyone feels enabled to be their best selves.

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