Medical Leadership: A Manifesto for Radiologists

By: David P. Fessell, Frank J. Lexa


Leadership is much discussed but also often misunderstood. For radiologists, leadership may seem irrelevant or, even worse, an onerous addition to their busy careers. It is important that radiologists understand the relevance and importance of good leadership for the success of departments and groups. There are many obstacles to radiologists becoming effective leaders, including personal resistance that is due to myths and misunderstandings, the time and effort (and money) required to learn to lead well, as well as others including the shift in perspective that comes from focusing on organizational success rather than individual career success. This manifesto will explore the what, the why, and the how of becoming a leader in radiology and why it is critical for individuals, their organizations, academic departments, private practice groups, and others, as well as the larger house of radiology.