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What Stops Leaders from Showing Compassion

August 29, 2013

HBR Blog Network | August 29, 2013

Blog post by Roger Schwartz links to book chapter co-authored by Jane Dutton on positive outcomes of experiencing compassion in the workplace.


Sharing a Pursuit of POS – 2013 POS Summer Fellows

August 17, 2013

“This was among the best experiences I have had at Ross, and the people I was exposed to—from the students and staff to the faculty—have changed the way I see myself, the way I approach life, and the way I will approach work moving forward.” Anne Hafeli, MBA ‘14

The fifth cohort of POS Summer Fellows has just completed its tenure in a program that many of the participants describe as an incredible catalyst for positive growth and change in their lives. This year, twelve students (six MBA students, five undergraduates, and one doctoral student) each worked on a project with either a faculty member or staff member of the Center for POS. The work ranged from assisting with a research project on leadership development in college students, to laying the groundwork for an upcoming conference on Positive Business, to working on the development of a research-in-action tool.


How to Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want

August 13, 2013

from | August 13, 2013

An article by Laura Vanderkam on the concept of job crafting quotes Jane Dutton on her research and on the Job Crafting Exercise she created with Amy Wrzesniewski and Justin Berg.


Discovering What You Love to Do: Overcoming the First Barrier of Success

July 12, 2013

By: Robert E. Quinn

During the graduation season, National Public Radio aired a highly provocative broadcast. It began with short clips from three graduation speeches in which well-known speakers told students the key to their future success was for them to go forward doing what they loved. Then the narrator pointed out that most students have no idea what they love.


Solving the Authenticity Puzzle: What Many CEOs Cannot Do

July 5, 2013

By: Robert E. Quinn

I met a consultant from another part of the world who works with senior business leaders. In their country’s culture, he said, there is an extreme emphasis on hierarchy and seniority, with strong norms to defer to. Because of that, someone such as a CEO may get little honest feedback, and a CEO’s blind spots may become a growing problem in the organization.


Empathy Versus Perspective-Taking and Personal Change

June 13, 2013

By: Ryan W. Quinn

One of the stories that Adam Grant tells in his book, Give and Take, which I have been discussing in recent blog entries, is the story of a businessman from Australia named Peter Audet. Peter had built up his business with the help of his partner, Rich. The two men worked well together early on, but eventually Rich began taking a massive salary without working much.


The Generosity Family Project: Do Good and Feel Good

June 11, 2013

By: Ryan W. Quinn

Now, I don’t think that our children are all that different from most children their ages. But generosity is a value I hold in high esteem, so I agreed. We gathered the children for a family meeting to discuss what we could do to learn to be more generous.


Routines Matter for Compassion at Work

May 31, 2013

By: Monica Worline, Jane Dutton

As organizational researchers, we have a unique interest in understanding how compassion can be unleashed or stifled in human communities. An organizational lens attunes us to the important role played by routines and practices in “grooving” the ways we interact with one another.