YOU Can Create Positive Change at Work!

December 21, 2021

By: Mary Ceccanese, Kimberley Barker

Do you wake up in the morning excited to come to work? Are you recognized for your contribution where you work? Do you work in an environment that supplies professional development opportunities on a regular basis? Are you valued as an employee? You do not have to feel powerless at work. You can change situations […]


How To Change

November 9, 2021

By: Katy Milkman

Change comes most readily when you understand what’s standing between you and success and tailor your solution to that roadblock. If you want to work out more but find exercise difficult and boring, downloading a goal-setting app probably won’t help. But what if, instead, you transformed your workouts so they became a source of pleasure […]


Seven Essentials for Business Success

November 4, 2021

By: George J. Siedel

Successful leaders are great teachers, and successful teachers serve as models of leadership. This book enables both leaders and teachers to understand and use the best practices developed by award-winning professors, each of whom teaches one of the seven areas that are essential for business success. These professors candidly discuss their successes and failures in […]


Positively Energizing Leadership: Virtuous Actions and Relationships That Create High Performance

July 9, 2021

By: Kim S. Cameron


This practical guide, the first to show how leaders can achieve extraordinary results through the positive energy generated by virtuous interactions with employees, is written by one of the giants in the study of positive leadership. This book reveals one of the most important but frequently ignored factors that lead to spectacular performance in organizations. […]


Management as a Calling: Leading Business, Serving Society

March 9, 2021

By: Andrew J. Hoffman

Business leaders have tremendous power to influence our society, how it operates, whether it is fair, and the extent to which it impacts the environment. And yet, we do not recognize or call out the responsibility that comes with that power. This book is meant to challenge future business leaders to think differently about their […]


Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know

February 2, 2021

By: Adam Grant

“Think Again is a must-read for anyone who wants to create a culture of learning and exploration, whether at home, at work, or at school… In an increasingly divided world, the lessons in this book are more important than ever.” –Bill and Melinda Gates The bestselling author of Give and Take and Originals examines the […]


Research Handbook on Organizational Resilience

October 9, 2020

By: Brianna Caza, Edward H. Powley, Arran Caza

This Research Handbook identifies how resilience has evolved as a critical theoretical concept in the organizational sciences. International resilience scholars conceptualize and explore the various ways resilience can be embedded in theory and practice, offering new and updated perspectives on the importance of resilience in multiple contexts. Sections cover the nature of resilience at employee, […]