United America

January 27, 2014

By: Wayne Baker

This book is unique. It’s different from the many manifestos published by political activists, because United America is based on years of scientific research at one of the nation’s leading universities. Dr. Wayne Baker’s finding that ten core values unite the vast majority of Americans is a startling conclusion, drawn from rigorous nationwide research. These ten core values were identified from data collected in four nationally representative surveys administered over a two-year period by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR), the world’s premier survey research organization. The surveys were funded in part by the ISR and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Dr. Baker and his team designed their survey questionnaire after in-depth analysis of past research methods followed by extensive pre-survey research with focus groups, cognitive interviews, and pilot tests. The data were analyzed with a battery of statistical techniques to ensure the validity and reliability of the results.


Love 2.0: Finding Happiness and Health in Moments of Connection

December 31, 2013

By: Barbara Fredrickson


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We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and optimism, love holds the key to improving our mental and physical health as well as lengthening our lives. Using research from her own lab, Fredrickson redefines love not as a stable […]


Improvement by Design: The Promise of Better Schools

December 6, 2013

By: Donald J. Peurach

One of the great challenges now facing education reformers in the United States is how to devise a consistent and intelligent framework for instruction that will work across the nation’s notoriously fragmented and politically conflicted school systems. Various programs have tried to do that, but only a few have succeeded. Improvement by Design looks at […]


On Purpose
On Purpose: Lessons In Life and Health From The Frog, The Dung Beetle, and Julia

November 23, 2013

By: Vic Strecher


When Vic Strecher lost his daughter, Julia, to a rare heart disease, his world ended. Only it didn’t. Vic’s wife, Jeri, and older daughter, Rachael, were still very much alive, as were his two demanding careers. What did end was his worldview: one based on long-held assumptions and beliefs about life, death, disease, health, risk, […]


Achieving Success Through Social Capital: Tapping the Hidden Resources in Your Personal and Business Networks

November 27, 2012

By: Wayne Baker

This book guides you through the process of evaluating, building, and using social capital. After introducing the subject of social capital (Chapter One), it shows you how to use sociometric Executive Summary techniques to analyze the state and quality of your personal and business networks (Chapter Two), boost your access to resources by making your networks more entrepreneurial through more than twenty proven practices used by free agents and members
of organizations (Chapter Three), and use social capital ethically and invoke the power of re c i p rocity by deploying your social capital in service to others (Chapter Four). Finally, it turns to the level of the organization, focusing on ten practices that entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, executives, and business leaders can use to build social capital as an organizational competence (Chapter Five).


Positive Leadership

August 6, 2012

By: Kim S. Cameron


Positive Leadership shows how to reach beyond ordinary success to achieve extraordinary effectiveness, spectacular results, and “positively deviant performance” – performance far above the norm.


Using a Positive Lens to Explore Social Change and Organizations

March 14, 2012

By: Jane Dutton, Karen Golden-Biddle


How can application of a positive lens to understanding social change and organizations enrich and elaborate theory and practice? This is the core question that inspired this book. It is a question that brought together a diverse and talented group of researchers interested in change and organizations in different problem domains (sustainability, healthcare, and poverty […]


The Deep Change Field Guide
The Deep Change Field Guide: A Personal Course to Discovering the Leader Within

March 12, 2012

By: Robert E. Quinn

Based on the bestselling book, Deep Change, The Deep Change Field Guide takes readers through the introspective journey of personal transformation. The field guide streamlines, updates, and augments the content of the original book into an interactive self-teaching course that helps readers learn how to become powerful agents of change. Learning tools include reflection questions, film assignments, and action plans that help readers think about the concepts in terms of their own situations, and identify actions to embody the concepts in their lives.


Research Alive: Exploring Generative Moments in Doing Qualitative Research

April 1, 2011

By: Arne Carlsen, Jane Dutton

Research Alive offers insight into the doing of qualitative research by focusing on stories of moments that are experienced as generative. This illuminates what is life-giving, transformative, and expansive, both with regards to imagination of ideas and development of scholars in the process of doing research. The book offers a unique array of 40 stories […]