Narrating emotions to enhance learning

By: , Ilan Gewurz

Kopelman, S. & Gewurz, I. (2014). Narrating emotions to enhance learning. In McCauley, C.D., DeRue, D.S., Yost, P.R., & Taylor, S. (Eds.) Best Practices for Experience-Based Leadership Development. Wiley. Chapter 30, pp. 187-194.


Relationship quality and virtuousness: Emotional carrying capacity as a source of individual and team resilience

By: John Paul Stephens, Emily D. Heaphy, Abraham Carmeli, Gretchen M. Spreitzer, Jane Dutton

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Stephens, J.P., E.D. Heaphy, A. Carmeli, G.M. Spreitzer, and J.E. Dutton. Relationship Quality and Virtuousness: Emotional Carrying Capacity as a Source of Individual and Team Resilience. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, Vol. 49, No. 1, 13-41, 2013.